Mary McGloin

Who I AM

I’m happy, I’m passionate, I’m energetic, I’m easy to get along with; I’m independent……………… and a team player;
I’m motivated, and I work my ass off.
I have a survival job as a QA Engineer. So yeah, I’m smart.
And yes, that’s a typically man’s world. So, I’m strong, too.
I’m constantly learning and improving. I’m not afraid of a challenge. Or you. But I’m vunerable.
I have big dreams. I take action. I create. I’m reliable. Relate-able.
I love acting. I’m talented. I’m an actor.
I hope we can collaborate soon.


My Niche: What I do best is play women who buck convention, the system or the status quo. Whether comic or dramatic, women who have those traits I can knock out of the park. If you’re not sure what I mean, think: Josie Aimes in North Country, Norma Rae, Nancy in Weeds, Katherine in Mona Lisa Smile. Women who will stand up for what they believe in no matter if it’s popular or not. I walk to the beat of my own drum while playing well with others.

Liberal – is for my left wing, liberal, bleeding heart point of view
Urban – is because I’m a city girl even though I grew up in a small town
Pixie – is because I’m small, impish, of Irish descent and perhaps a wee bit magical :)

So….don’t be fooled by the packaging, I am one tough cookie!